Pay in full

£780  x 1 payment 

Pay twice

£398 x 2 months

Pay thrice

£267 x 3 months

Remember: This is a payment plan, not a subscription. So you are committing to pay the full amount and agree to complete all of your sessions within a year but three months is recommended for best results. Your results will be individual and unique to you,  and we will work together to maximise the positive impact of EFT  regarding your particular challenge or goal. If at any point you are not happy with your experience or these payments become untenable for you, let me know and we try and will figure something out.


"I came out of my sessions with Candace feeling more stable, focused and confident in discerning my true path. I really enjoyed the tailored homework between sessions and have seen great results in my life, from learning to lean into self-acceptance with this powerful tool."

Claire, Coach

"Despite being sceptical at first, I found EFT really worked. Not only were the subconscious beliefs we focused on lifted, I took away new affirmations and positive tools and techniques to reuse in my everyday life. Having the reassurance from Candace was uplifting too; she listened to my story with a non-judgmental approach and translated it into a clear script for us to follow whilst tapping. Candace and I never had to go over an old belief as the methods and techniques she used vanished them in each session!"

Nico, Coach

"From the outset, Candace made me feel so comfortable. She has the type of personality that immediately puts you at ease. It was a truly enjoyable process. She knows what to say to help you dig deeper and really get the best from yourself. I could not be more grateful. Thank you Candace!"

Gerard, Manager

"Candace helped me find a completely new perspective, a reframing that instantly made me feel more confident, calm, clear and inspired about the future. Candace is deeply intuitive and has a gift for healing thinking blocks and confidence issues. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Adrienne, Coach