Reset EFT Tapping Package Overview

If you know you need to make some changes but struggle to get things done without someone there to keep you on track, one-to-one coaching is the solution for you.

This three-month programme is designed to give you all the support, inspiration and accountability you need to reset and ignite your confidence in your career or business.


Months' coaching 


1:1  sessions


mins  homework per day

EFT Tapping is effective and works quickly when done properly.  This EFT tapping package is designed for busy people who need something that can fit into their lifestyle. Scroll down for client testimonials and results. 

Package Details: 

  • * A kickoff session to set goals for our work together and plan our EFT tapping strategy for maximum impact. Also a chance to try EFT tapping and see if it is for you. 
  • * Personalised EFT Tapping Map to plot our tapping strategy in relation to your goals
  • * Eight EFT tapping sessions, taken over three months,  to gently and effectively improve your confidence and retrain your stress response.
  • * Personalised journal prompts per session to help you reflect on your own 'Aha' moments 
  • * Individualised tapping homework per session - 5 mins per day 
  • * EFT worksheets and resources as needed
  • * Practice App for scheduling, progress and communication and personal goal tracking.
  • * Access to me for questions and tapping advice between sessions via WhatsApp, the app or email
  • * DIY EFT video course to keep for future reference when you want to apply EFT to another aspect of your life.
  • * Optional follow up sessions at three and six months to check on your progress and top-up your confidence. 

Payment Options 

Option 1

One time payment. 


Option 2 

Two monthly payments. 

£398 x 2  

Option 3 

Three monthly payments. 

£267 x 3 

You can pay in your preferred currency such as USD, Euro and Canadian Dollars - just let me know before I invoice you. 

Try before you buy - pay only after your kickoff session

Try before you buy - pay only after

"I came out of my sessions with Candace feeling more stable, focused and confident in discerning my true path. I really enjoyed the tailored homework between sessions and have seen great results in my life, from learning to lean into self-acceptance with this powerful tool."


Claire, Coach

"Despite being sceptical at first, I found EFT really worked. Not only were the subconscious beliefs we focused on lifted, I took away new affirmations and positive tools and techniques to reuse in my everyday life. Having the reassurance from Candace was uplifting too; she listened to my story with a non-judgmental approach and translated it into a clear script for us to follow whilst tapping. Candace and I never had to go over an old belief as the methods and techniques she used vanished them in each session!"

Nico, Coach

"From the outset, Candace made me feel so comfortable. She has the type of personality that immediately puts you at ease. It was a truly enjoyable process. She knows what to say to help you dig deeper and really get the best from yourself. I could not be more grateful. Thank you Candace!"

Gerard, Manager

What results can you expect from working with me?

I customise my coaching to fit your specific goals, so results vary and are wide-ranging. However, here are some examples of what other clients have accomplished.

  • Completed business plan and launch, thereafter building a thriving business.  
  • Completed qualification and launched new business offering, successfully securing new clients in an entirely new sector.
  • Reduced work stress, got promoted and then got headhunted 
  • Dramatically reduced stress levels at work and refocused career, making "calmer, more centred decisions" and finding ways to thrive using unique talents. Since promoted. 
  • Worked through self belief and money fears to get a better paying job and purchase a first home. 
  • Worked through work stress and interview fears, got the promotion and found balancing work-life balance much easier.
  • Changed career paths and secured job in completely new sector
  • Significantly reduced work stress, improved self confidence at work by "life-changing" amounts and now pursuing creative dreams
  • Completed house declutter AND a professional qualification after literally YEARS of procrastination
  • Fixed a broken heart over a romantic jilt to the point of "forgetting him" and moving on
  • Reduced stress from bullying work colleagues to point of being able to deal with them professionally and move to a better team. 
  • Worked on fear of driving, thereafter successfully passing driving test
  • Dealt with interview jitters to point of enjoying the interview and being offered the job!

Here's What You Get:

Compassion, acceptance and non-judgement

There's likely nothing you can share that I haven't encountered before. Regardless, your feelings or thoughts about whatever situation we are working through, are valid. My job is to support you in processing them, and I'm here to provide you with a compassionate and judgment-free space where you can explore and deal with your stress and connected feelings. Of course, anything you share with me is confidential to the extent of the law. 

Accountability and focus on your goals and experience

Being accountable and having a clear focus on your goals are crucial for personal development. In our initial session, we'll discuss what you want to accomplish and how I can assist you in staying focused. Between sessions, we'll agree to simple tasks you can accomplish towards your goals. I'll follow up with you on these tasks and we will make adjustments as needed to ensure you benefit the most from our time together.

Free DIY EFT video course 

The most valuable way I can assist you is by helping you become skilled in EFT tapping for yourself. To aid your learning, I have developed a concise online course that will walk you through the basics of tapping and how to incorporate it into your everyday life. You will have free access to the course for life (different tiers for different packages), and you will receive ongoing updates to the material and tapping videos as long as the course remains active.

EFT resources for between sessions

EFT tapping is an incredibly powerful tool and its benefits are cumulative and long-lasting to permanent. But it only works if you actually do it. So to help you integrate the shifts and stress release achieved during your sessions, I provide various worksheets and handouts for you to reflect on the stress release work you are doing. 

Personalised EFT tapping checklist

I'm committed to providing you with the tools and support you need on our journey to emotional freedom and self-empowerment. You will receive a personalised EFT tapping checklist as part of your package. This document will be a valuable tool throughout our work together. It is more than just a checklist; it reflects your progress, records your cognitive shifts, and guides your personal growth. Use it to bring structure to our tapping sessions, hold yourself accountable, and track your journey towards a more empowered and fulfilled self. Together, we will tap into your true potential, one step at a time.

Personalised journal prompts

As we embark on this journey together towards emotional freedom and self-empowerment, I'm excited to provide personalised journal prompts. These prompts deepen your experience and enhance your transformation. These are optional, but many find them helpful. After each session, you'll receive tailored prompts to reflect on your progress and insights. They help you explore your emotions and thoughts. You'll gain a deeper understanding and experience profound transformation by engaging with these prompts.  Let's create a unique journey of self-discovery and empowerment together.

Private client portal and workspace app

During your package, we will use the Practice app to maintain the confidentiality of your information and facilitate communication. This dedicated platform enables you to contact me, schedule sessions, and track your goals and progress, all from the convenience of your smart phone. Practice is not just a tool - it is a safe and convenient workspace to consolidate your progress as we work through your sessions.  

Flexible contact and scheduling

I'm here to support you not only during our scheduled sessions but also in between. You can reach out to me for guidance on applying EFT to specific situations in your daily life. I'm committed to your progress and will respond when available, or address it in your next session, depending on your question. I understand that unexpected challenges may arise, and your energy levels may fluctuate. I'm flexible with session rescheduling, as long as it's not abused. Your well-being is my priority. 

Schedule a meet and greet to see if we fit :)

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