Prolonged Stress Ruins Your Health, Wealth and Relationships

  • Stress impacts your physical health, increasing the chances of issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity.
  • Chronic stress can lead to financial struggles due to higher healthcare expenses, reduced productivity, and even the risk of losing your job.
  • Long-term stress can put a strain on your relationships, leading to misunderstandings, conflicts, and a lack of closeness.
  • Stress is also shown to affect how well you perform at work or in your business, resulting in decreased productivity and difficulties with decision-making.

Imagine If You Could:

  • Crush imposter syndrome.
  • Soar with newfound confidence.
  • Enjoy clarity and improved performance.
  • Become a stress-busting ninja. 
  • Handle whatever daily pressures come at you. 
  • Improve your relationships game by interrupting your knee-jerk reactions. 
  • Draw from inner strength and resilience you didn't even know you had.
  • Let go of unwanted mindsets and habits that have kept you stuck. 

What My Clients Say: 

"I came out of my sessions with Candace feeling more stable, focused and confident in discerning my true path. I really enjoyed the tailored homework between sessions and have seen great results in my life, from learning to lean into self-acceptance with this powerful tool."

Claire, Coach

"From the outset, Candace made me feel so comfortable. She has the type of personality that immediately puts you at ease. It was a truly enjoyable process. She knows what to say to help you dig deeper and really get the best from yourself. I could not be more grateful. Thanks, Candace!"

Gerard, Manager


Reset Your Stress Package

A comprehensive 1-2-1 coaching capsule to help you sort out  your stress, motivation and confidence.

This three-month coaching package is all about slashing stress, boosting confidence, and supercharging your performance. Tailored just for you, it's like a personal training programme that equips you with lifelong skills to tackle any future stress like a pro. If you show up and do the practice, you will not only feel better. You will be and do better.

How It Works:

  • 90-Minute Kickoff Session: We start with a comprehensive deep-dive into your particular stressors, goals and priorities.
  • Eight Custom EFT Tapping Sessions: Each 75-minute session is focussed on you and where you're at, progressively untangling your everyday and acute stressors. Like personal training, we work from your pace and abilities to make you stronger at managing your stress and emotions. 
  • Personalised Reflective Practice: After each session you will receive a set of 100% personalised journal prompts and reflective exercises to help you better integrate the breakthroughs from your EFT tapping sessions. 
  • Individualised Progressive Practice: Between sessions you will be assigned five-minute batches of EFT tapping practice and other stress-release exercises to help re-tune your stress response. These will be adapted to your progress and life circumstances to help you get the most from your package without overloading you between sessions. 
  • On Demand WhatsApp and Email Coaching: Between sessions we will keep in touch via your preferred contact method, and I'll coach you through specific challenges or answer any EFT tapping related questions as they come up. You can expect a response from me within 24 hours on most days. 
  • DIY EFT Video Course: To help you solidify your new skills and apply them to any new challenges in future, you will also receive lifetime access to online video course in how to use EFT tapping on yourself.

Your Transformation:

  • Improved Performance at Work: Overcome imposter syndrome and excel with newfound motivation and clarity.
  • Masterful Stress Management: Equip yourself with effective strategies to manage daily stressors, maintaining balance in a high-paced environment.
  • Enhanced Relationships: Strengthen personal and professional connections through improved emotional intelligence.
  • Boosted Confidence: Approach new challenges with courage and clear vision, paving the way for career advancement and personal fulfillment.
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What My Clients Say: 

"My sessions with Candace helped me find a completely new perspective, a reframing that instantly made me feel more confident, calm, clear and inspired about the future. Candace is deeply intuitive and has a gift for healing thinking blocks and confidence issues. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

Adrienne, Coach

"I highly recommend Candace as a coach. Her extensive professional knowledge and use of EFT have helped me have a much better relationship with difficult memories, making my emotional reaction to them more comfortable. Through our sessions, I've also learned effective ways to calm down and think clearly in any situation. Candace's guidance has made a significant difference to me, and I am grateful for her help."

Christopher, Manager

Exclusive Application Process:

  • I only work with a few clients at a time to give them the attention they need to truly transform. 
  • If you're interested, apply for a slot through an Application Call. 
  • We'll have a casual meeting to see if we're a good fit and you can ask any questions. 
  • If it feels right, we'll move to a Kickoff Session where you can Try Before You Buy and be fully committed to the change ahead.

Pricing Options:

  • £1,600 - Pay in full for the best value.
  • £850 - Pay in two instalments over two months. Total £1700.
  • £600 - Pay in three instalments over three months.  Total £1800. 
  • £330 - Spread the cost with six monthly payments. Total £1980.

 Note that you can receive up to £200 cash back if you show up and do the work.  Details below.  

Special Incentives:

My number one priority is your wellbeing and success, so to help you get the best possible results I have added two more incentives for you: 

  • Try Before You Buy: Join the kickoff session for free to ensure our coaching style aligns with your expectations. If it does, you can pay and proceed with your package. 
  • Accountability Cash Back: Complete your sessions and daily practices within designated timeframes and receive up to £200 back as a reward for your commitment to growth.
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What My Clients Say: 

"Candace tailored her approach to my needs and helped me gain important insights about myself. Through her guidance, I could identify and work through challenges that were holding me back, and I now feel more empowered to move forward in my personal life. Candace is a skilled and compassionate coach who truly cares about her clients' success, and I am so glad I can work with her."

JoAnn, C Suite Executive

"I 100% recommend Candace as a coach to others. Candace is incredibly supportive and creates a safe space for exploring difficult emotions. Going into the coaching, I didn’t know what to expect from EFT tapping because I had never done it before. But it was a very useful and insightful experience. She helped me gain new insights into myself and gave me tools to support my personal growth."

JW, Manager

Why Choose This Package?

This isn't everyday coaching: it's rebuilding your stress response management from the ground up. 

By honing in on emotional freedom and stress response management instead of mere mindset tricks, we will strategically equip you with the genuine means to take control of your confidence, motivation and performance at work or in your business. 

EFT tapping is backed by numerous scientific studies and has shown concrete results in elevating mental and physical health. Millions of people the world over are using this powerful technique to give them the edge, and now you can too. 

Ready to Reset Your Stress?

Join me today and start your path to a more fulfilled and balanced life. Spaces are limited to ensure personalised care, so don’t hesitate. Unlock your potential and reshape your tomorrow.

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