Thank You For Being My Client

As a special thank you to my wonderful existing clients, I'm thrilled to offer you exclusive rates.  Your continued journey towards emotional freedom and self-empowerment is invaluable, and I'm committed to making it more accessible for you.

I also want to thank you for being part of my own journey as I rebuild my life and start my business.  So, please  enjoy these exclusive rate and options on all my packages. 

Single Session

Book At Will 

A one-off session to tap on anything of your choice, or perhaps reset your personal tapping checklist and start work on it.

Tapping Subscription

Once to three per month

If you love tapping but know you will not do it without a coach, this tapping subscription is for you.  Choose from one or three sessions per month which can carry over for up to three months. Pay monthly and after three months you can cancel at anytime. Limited spaces available for this.